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Two In One Aeration Machine

· CoreCaster™ Does Two Different Aerating Operations
· Aerate with Core-Plug™ Tines in spring & fall
· Aerate with StarBurst™ Tines throughout the summer
· Change from Core-Plug™ Tines to StarBurst™ Tines in minutes - No Tools Required





CoreCaster CTV-52 Specifications
· Effective Aeration width: 52"
· Aeration Pattern: 5" x 8"
· Frame weight: 200 lbs (net)
· Tine width: 46"
· Vents per square yard: 40 vents
· Additional weight: 90 lbs (net)
· Includes all necessary connections for a Category 1 Three-point Hitch
· Includes all connections/hardware for connection of the TurfVent CoreCaster™ to most front mount mowers
· All Grade 5 connection hardware used
· Frame width: 54.5" (maximum)
· Frame depth (excluding pickup point hardware): 27.5"
· Casters: 5 caster assemblies with 360 degree dual-quad tine clusters which rotate in, and pivot on, oil-impregnated sleeve bearings (with grease fitting) with a thrust ball bearing (enclosed by a vinyl dust cap), supported by a Neoprene shock reducer
· Caster feature TurfVent StarBurst™ or Core-Plug™ Tines with 3.5" maximum penetration
· John Deere iMatch™ hitch compatible
· Will not work with belly mount ZTR's


· The new TurfVent CoreCaster™ Model CTV-52 offers aeration through the full season. The CoreCaster™ Aerator allows you to aerate while turning in any direction, no matter how sharp the turn, while following any turf contour.
· Fits all utility tractors with Category 1 Three-point Hitch and fits most front mount mowers
· John Deere iMatch™ Hitch compatible


· Features heavy-duty caster assemblies with 360 degree dual-quad Core-Plug™ Tine clusters and StarBurst™ Tine clusters
· Aerate up to a 3.5" depth in any direction with a 52" wide pattern

· The TurfVent CoreCaster™ - CTV-52 (Part #3362) easily fits or adapts (using available adaptor kits) to most commercial front mount mowers
· All TurfVent CoreCaster™ (part #3362) are shipping ready to attach to any utility vehicle with a three-point hitch (Category 1)


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